I stood just offstage. The people onstage were a group of four b-boys. Each one would stand close to the edge of the stage until it was time to do their stuff: uprock, the worm, six-step, that sort of shit.

Two weeks ago, I thought about using breaking in my bit, until I downloaded some moves from www.breakdance.com (I think that's the site), and realised that it would probably take a while (like an hour), and an effort, to actually learn how to do them properly, so I dropped the idea.

The b-boys finished and went off, and Ben announced me on the mic. He pointed to me. I hesitated because I was confused because I thought my name was eighth on the list.

Anyway, I came on. I hadn't even started dancing, and the crowd started cheering for me.

Goddamn. I think I spend too much time at Deuce (being the local underage nightclub). Maybe it's the fact that whenever I go to the Clubhouse (being a local overage pub and nightclub), the girls seem to be considerably less impressed. Or they hide it better. Or there's just less girls. Plus there is always the chance of getting carded by security, but that's not usually a problem if I don't shave for a few days.

So the music comes on (Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler), and I can barely hear it - a combination of the fact that the speakers point away from the stage, and the fact that it just couldn't compare to the screams and cheers. Ben told them the dancers or dance troupe with the best response from the crowd would win, you see. (aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhh!)

My style is basically a combination of footwork and hand-dance. (Hopefully) I'll write that node after I do some research on traditional Indian styles. My style however, comes naturally. I got this comment yesterday, "I figured out your hand-dancing - it's like each of your fingers are connected to strings, and people watching you are puppets." I replied "It used to be like that." Of course, magickal law states that when some energy is associated to another in belief, some of the related energy will carry on.

Anywayz, I ended up winning first prize - $(AUS) 100 for my greedy self. The b-boys came second - two of them went without the money so their mates could get $15 each. Third was my friend Aaron "Mong" Wilcox and his friend Marty. They got $10 each for dressing up in leisure suits and wigs, dancing to the Beegees' Staying Alive.

Yeah, Mong and Marty had balls, but I didn't realise quite how big they had to be until some dickhead tried to fight them just for dressing like that. "Wow," I thought, "what a fuckhead." Of course, Mong just told him to piss off.

I talked to that fuckhead later when I didn't realise who he was, then kept talking when I did realise:
"You don't talk to those guys do you?"
"Yeah, they're my mates."
"Don't talk to them - they're gay."
"How would you know if they were gay?"
"Look at how they're dressed - they're stupid. I punch this guy in the head a few times a day for being stupid." He pointed to his friend, a big guy, but he looked mild enough.
I asked his friend "So what do you think, man, is there anything wrong with gays?"
"Because... they're stupid."
The poor guy had probably been brainwashed by too many blows to the head.
"Anyway, I know these guys - they're not even gay."

So I walked off. People might think "Well, you can't expect too much maturity from 15/16 year olds." But it wouldn't surprise me to see people ten years older at the Clubhouse with the same attitude. People don't look at themselves enough, myself included. People don't realise that "We see things not as they are, but as we are." (Read this on ShaolinWolf.com - might be an old Chinese saying, otherwise it's a quote from Shi Yan Ming).

Sometimes I get into a mind-state like "Fuck 'em all." If I was on this train of thought then, I'd probably think "Fuck 'em all - the gays, the gay-haters, the gay-hater-haters." The last ones would have to be the stupidest - they see the cycle starting, but they don't stop it. Oh crap, I think I just said something a gay-hater-hater-hater would say...

Later that night, Billy says to me "Congratulations on your dance comp."

I said, "Yeah, it's alright - it's secured my ego... I'm not sure if that's a good thing."

I wonder where the fuck that chick Jade, the chick that I'm chasing, went...