So, I got out of hospital yesterday. I guess they finally had enough of giving me lots of anti-biotics and much more painkillers than could be useful in a lifetime. Now my head's starting to clear up.

My jaw still has screws in it. My cheek still has stitches in it. My chin is still numb; the doctor says it might be permanent.

Oh, the fun one has turning the other cheek.

Anyway, I still have to get my rap group, Knights of the Eastern Calculus, up and performing. So far it consists of me, Frater Churd-Tzu, and my brother, Frater Da3riosu. Frater Nico and Frater Dude are still considering the offer.

I've already signed up on, now I have to record some decent mp3s. My idea is that we do a sci-fi conceptual hip-hop thing, but I don't know how popular that sort of thing is...