So I'm trying to give up eating.

Not like in an anorexia nervosa way, though. I think they call it buji in some parts of China, when you no longer need to eat. refers to it as breatharianism, or inedia. I guess sages, mystics and yogis do it.

I haven't eaten or drank (bar a piece of lemon the size of a seed, and a sip of water) since Tuesday night, which was about sixty hours ago.

The way it works is, I sustain myself by breath, through the pranayama. I sit in meditation for half an hour, when I'm having a "meal", and absorb energy from the aether.

I concentrate on my crown chakra while holding my breath, for about ten cycles. Then I visualise the energy coming down into me, filling my centre. Then I let it form an aura around me. After sitting for about half an hour or so, I don't feel hungry any more.

They say that Jesus went into the desert for forty days, not eating - this gave birth to the tradition of Lent. Coincident'ly, forty days is the traditional time, in yoga, of breaking a habit.

Anyways, I think I'll see if I can go without food for a week.