Another good day... I woke up relatively late (6ish), and rushed to get to school for the newspaper meeting. I've got two articles to write in the next week, one on the Green Bay Packers and whether or not people like them anymore, and another on Teen Court.

I went off to first hour Language, avoiding any contact with my (ex-)stalker. Numerous sources have all agreed that she was angry when she read my letter, and that's she's planning on writing something nasty back. I'm looking forward to throwing it in the trash in front of her face.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty routine. I sold tickets for this Saturday's music dance. We only sold 5 tickets, but it's only Monday, and no one really knew about it yet. I still have to make up a huge Chemistry test (someday) too.

The real reason I'm so happy is that I got a whopping 13 points of extra credit on an AP History test... so I think I'm getting an "A" now.

Right now, I'm going to go and read the Oddysey, seeing as I have close to no homework, and all my friends are practicing for the musical orchestra pit at school.