Well, here I am... in Chicago. After a delightful three hour car ride and stopping at a few fast food places, we made it. I'm staying at my grandmother's house right now, and am speaking to you over her newly received computer.

This morning, I got up at a record-breaking time of 8:00 AM (and on my own) for some reason. We then gave my grandmother the computer, and I took about 45 minutes to set it up. I hope it's not too crammed for her bedroom, because I'd be feeling pretty claustrophobic right now if I were her.

Her 70th birthday luncheon was at noon, so we headed over to Baileys, a local restaurant. The food was good, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I guess I'd have to be in a pretty good mood to upvote all the writeups in this nodeshell (even though my writeup on the Achaemenid Empire got close to no votes). my two day long headache has actually subsided. I'm hoping I can convince my parents to let us leave early tomorrow so I can get back home and start hardcore noding again.