I'm having a pretty solid day here... it's scary what a good mood getting a haircut can put you in.

I'm trying to set up a computer camera generously given to me by Mitchevious, but I unfortunantly cannot find any drivers to support it. No NetMeeting for me today...

I'm trying to get some quality noding in before I go to Chicago for my grandma's 70th birthday celebration. We bought her a computer, and I'll be setting it up. Maybe I'll be able to do some noding from her house, who knows?

And thank heavens, I won't be going to the oral surgeon anymore. Today was my last appointment, and I was given a plastic syringe to flush out the holes with warm water so they'll fill in again eventually. I'm so glad all my friends are getting to see what I'm going through... probably scares the hell out of them.

I'm going to go pack now though... My goal this week is not to be a node whore.