Today sucks.

I was supposed to hit the mall with Mitchevious, before my parents got all weird. They think I lied to them... but I was only withholding the truth. So I couldn't go to the mall, and then I had to cancel my plans to go to Jo's house tonight. I was pretty pissed.

Right after that I spent an hour trying to remember how to do acid naming so I could node it. I successfully remembered all the steps and details, only to go back to the node two hours later to realize I hadn't put links into it. Yuck.

Anyway, I just realized my book report is due Monday, and I've still got 250 pages left to read of The Fellowship of the Ring. On the plus side, I did finish The Color Purple (really good book, read it). Now I've just got my homework to do.

Because I haven't done anything social this weekend, I think I'm going to consider having some people over tomorrow for a "let's finish up homework" party. That's all most people do on Sundays anyway. Jo said she'd come, at least.

I'm going to go journal on my web site now...