I'm having a great day.


Seriously, you'd think after skipping an entire day of school yesterday, being physically ill all day, and facing my stalker, I'd be a little worn out and depressed.


I've discovered things to live for, things make me glad to be alive... It's like I've never lived until now, as corny as that sounds. I've discovered people that make me laugh and make me feel interesting. People that I actually enjoy being with. I'm filled with so much inspiration I can't even describe it.

As I vaguely mentioned earlier, I did write my stalker a note stating that her cruel morals and lies were not something I wanted to associate with. Some people think I went a little overboard with it, but it felt good. I gave it to her after class, and she hasn't called here yet, so I'm hoping it worked. It's that, or she's already committed suicide, which would make me feel quite guilty.

Nothing can beat what I'm feeling right now, so don't ruin it was a downvote, please...