This has been a pretty boring weekend thus far... All my friends are in some way involved with the production of our school musical (Fiddler on the Roof), so I haven't seen them since Friday at school.

I've been relaxing, though. I wasn't really in the mood to go to school on Friday, but I did it anyway just so I wouldn't fall any further behind. I went to every class, except for gym, for which I substituted band room relaxation. You can usually tell the teacher you were there and get credit for class you didn't attend, anyway.

Yesterday we looked at a house across town that we wanted to move into. My parents both loved it, but they wanted my sister's and my approval. We liked the house, so we're set to move in sometime in March. I'm pretty excited, it's a beautiful house, and I'll have a cable outlet where my desk should go. Cable modem... here I come.

I spent today doing absolutely nothing, and I loved it. I slept late, I read some more of Les Miserables, I ate, and I watched TV. No homework this weekend either. Very nice.

I've also come back from my noding drought, too... Kudos to me.