A brief rebuttal:

It really is a bridge too far to suggest that the people have associated all Christians with the actions of a number of Catholic priests. However, I have heard anecdotal evidence of priests no longer feeling comfortable wearing their priestly garb in public because they feel that people are viewing them with suspicion. In one case in New York ( and I am sure that there are more) a priest was spat on while ordering coffee and called a "paedophile".

How exactly is the church's view of pre-marital sex in any way responsible for priests sexually abusing children? The real roots of this problem is the sexual frustration caused by the vow of chastity, free and unsupervised access to young members of parishes, and the untouchable position of the clergy in institutionally Catholic nations. In an increasingly secular world, the church's influence is fast declining and the spate of reports of child sex abuse by clergy which have come out since the early '90's are the direct result of this. Fortunately, this decline in influence also makes these incidents less likely to occur in the future.

There seems to be an inherent belief in the above writeup that paedophiles are repressed homosexuals. The fact that most of the paedophilic activity by Catholic clergy has involved males is simply a reflection of the fact that priests have far more access to male children than they do to females.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the vast majority of child sexual abuse does not occur within the Catholic church, but within the home.