The leaves launch their emerald light into our eyes as the luminance from the shimmering sun is reflected. Bits of the sempiternal sky show shyly as bluish white liquid crystal refractions, and bits of cloud hang--the clouds, as if painted, sitting serene in their distorted and dainty existence. We hold on to each other's hands, taking a glimpse of each other, grinning, as every now and again I look back at her beautifully glowing and opaque face. The wind wisps across our skin and spreads like a dot of dye does in a cup of clear water. Plant debris is felt under our feet, and heard, as it crunches with each new foot step. A flood of thoughts pours into my mind as readily as fog forms, laying itself loosely into wherever it pleases. Colors are blurred and buzz by both of us as past woes and worries wane with the expectation of our forthcoming happiness. Her eyes to me are an expression of the multitude of love we are capable of sharing, endless, everlasting.. Infinite in its exuberant existence..