birds - 5-26-00, 8:20 am

a bird of jealousy has red and mandarin wings
it drips liquid flame, blood orange
its feathers blaze as it glows in the night
a bird of jealousy looks like an approaching ball of fire
distorting the area above and around with heat

a bird of love has wings red as roses
it lets free silver plumes that disintegrate
after a show in the sky
its feathers, rose petals, swirling and mixing in various shades
a bird of love looks like an approaching apple, split
the initiatior of our humanity

a bird of life has wings of green and grey forest branches
casting crystal blue water upon our dry souls, invigorating us
its feathers are glorious earthen leaves
a bird of life looks like an approaching wreath
from a good distance
clearing the sky of manmade distortions

a bird of death has wings of cloud
dispersing ash as it flutters
its feathers are grey plumes of smoke
it looks like a passing dream in the sky
a peripheral blur
from any distance it lingers, soaked in us