Dream 1:

Our dog, Jettah, was gone, apparently. I don't know if she had died or if she ran away or what happened, but I was way past the mourning stage. We had decided to get a new dog. The dog was going to be a half Black Labrador half Cocker Spaniel like Jettah. Here's where things get a bit weird:

When we bought the dog, we didn't buy a little puppy, and we didn't buy a full grown dog. We bought a pregnant dog. Our dog was to be one of her puppies. In the dream it only seemed that the dog would only give birth to one puppy, even though that's rare in dogs, so that's how it went.

Dream 2:

The setting was a bit dark. I was in someone else's house and I'm not sure if it was raining outside, but it was night time.

Dream 1.5

I was in some sort of a fast food restaurant. I had bought some tortilla chips because I was hungry. I was with my girlfriend--Liz. All I can sort of remember out of this mess is that for whatever transaction I was making, they wanted some sort of photo ID (which is odd because they also said a credit card would be acceptable). All I had to offer was my school ID. I took out my wallet and began looking for things. I had to dump the contents of the wallet out, which meant dumping half of my bag of chips out as well, because, in this universe, my wallet and my bag of chips were some how tied in this fashion. So I remember the manager coming and asking angrily what was going on, etc, and then helping the next customer behind me although I was still in front.

Dream 2 (cont'd):

In much the same manner that I was dumping out my wallet and in the process, also dumping chips, I was dumping something out (I can't remember what) and also dumping out lots of coins at the same time. Most of the coins were normal US currency--quarters, dimes, nickels. Not that many pennies. A few of the coins though, were really small, and some golden. Some were like 25% the size of a penny, but golden.

All of a sudden some sort of a religious man appears, perhaps a bishop. He held in his hand some sort of device (it looked like a $1 KMart compass) mounted on white cardboard. Without question, I passed some of the odd coins across the top of the compass. No reaction. But I found -one- I was sure would provide some sort of reaction. In order for the coin to be authentic, it would need to cause the needle in his device to move toward the coin. It worked!

The coin was about the size of a quarter, but golden. It was thick, but inconsistent--some parts were thicker than others, and it wasn't very round. Pseudo-round. I was excited. It was some sort of old European coin. On the back the date was 1492 and instead of saying (c) (but, what kind of coin has a copyright mark on it?) it had a (4). I'm not sure why.

I then realized that I was in my friend Don's house. Well, he's not really a friend but I've known him for awhile--he's a part of the highschool band. So I showed him the coin, and he became real excited. He went upstairs and checked on it while I stayed downstairs. I went next to a computer and on ICQ, I read a message from him, saying something to the effect of, "Shift yourself into Taurus and come upstairs." Now, I'm an Aries with Taurus tendencies, supposedly.. I'm not sure what this has to do with the value of coins and what not but--

End of dreams.