It was the first day of my senior year in high school. I'd just walked in to my calculus class 'math 150', taught by some professor from the community college, fearing it would be a pretty hard class. The lights were off. The room was huge, and students were sitting in various locations. I didn't know anyone.

Well, my book was still wrapped up in plastic because I didn't want to risk the $120 we paid--if you unwrap it, you can't return it. I went to ask the teacher if it was the right book. Other students kept on getting in my way as I was about to ask him, so I never got to.

Next thing I knew, he was adressing the whole class, and I was in my seat. He said that the first day was about survival. I was munching away on some sort of snacks he gave to the class--I think it was a bag full of those little brown things found in chexmix that you either love or hate. He went on to say that we'd have to fend for ourselves outside, and that those who survived would be those who took the class. I stopped crazily eating the little brown chips, realizing I'd need them for survival in the wilderness.

All of a sudden, everybody was finding a spot to lay on by the beach shore to watch the 'show'. I didn't know what the show was going to be, but I figured I'd better get a good spot. It seemed as if all spots were taken except for one, next to Hien. Hien's my friend, see, but most people at our school really dislike him and find him annoying. So I sat next to him, and next to Pat--this punk I know who's the best drummer in the highschool band. And I thought I didn't know anybody here.

Next thing, we were in the forest. It was sort of like a highschool campus except, where you'd expect halls and grassy areas and quads on the outside, it was pure forest. Nothing but trees, etc. There were bathrooms and such amongst the buildings--that was about it. For some reason there was a kitchen stove with a rangetop by the bathrooms. I joined forces with two people near me who seemed willing to coöperate. I think I tried to talk to them but they seemed so bereft of civilization they could hardly speak more than grunts. I, however, was determined to make some torches.

I found a branch from a tree that'd fallen that was remarkably torch shaped and carved a circular notch on the top. I then went into the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper and some paper towels and tried to shove them into a torch the way they seemed like they should've been shoved--I'd never actually seen a torch up close, or even unlit, so I was doing as best I could.

All I remember after that is I never got to light my torch, though one of my idiot caveman companions had some sort of fire-bearing device which he had to hold by the rangetop for it to keep lit. What an idiot.

End of dream.