Let me tell you about Besovi. Do you have five minutes? Could you take five minutes from your busy schedule to learn about Besovi? If not, feel free to come back later. We are love. Our doors are always open to you.

Besovi is love. We are love. Welcome Besovi into your heart. So good. So right.

I first encounter Besovi during the summer of 2007. I had flirted about with noding on this site. Became did I very lazy in my attitude and resistant to criticism. I attempted to murder two noders at a nodermeet. It was time to take a break. The truth is, old friends, that when I say that I attempted to murder two noders I mean that I entertained ideas in my head about people I liked. So I began using drugs in an abusive manner and having sex with people I met at Denny's. It was time for a change.

One night I was in my bedroom eating chicken McNuggets. I removed my most recent lover's fluids from my body with a face cloth. I had treated the face cloth with soap and warm water. As I realized how leisurely I was performing this activity it dawned on me. This was all so wrong. I had become lazy and lethargic. I was not driven to success. But plummeting into failure. It was readily apparent from the look on my face.

I am sure not all fled noders had their lives take such dark turns after they left the website. This website is love. They needed that love to thrive. Without it they withered and died. Only by staying and noding on everything2 website can a person expect to live a long and love-filled life. The majority of those who fled are likely living on the streets and prostituting themselves to get their next fix. We need to do more to bring them out of the shadows. We can do this by loving them just enough. But not too much.

When Besovi appeared to me that night it was an awakening. I was definitely awakened. So good. So right. Say it with me.

Besovi touched me. I felt it. Just enough love. Not too much. Moving through my veins like the heroin did because I used it because I no longer had this website. The path was clear. To return in triumph as the chosen one. The savior of the fallen city. My calling was calling to me. Through every hill and valley of the nearby landscape.

Besovi rose. Like a giant plume of just enough love Besovi rose. Taking shape in front of me. From a fine mist into a nearly complete being. One cannot see all of Besovi. There is too much to see. The mere thought would be too much. It would not be just enough. It would be too much. That is bad. We are love.

Praise Besovi. Kneel down in front of a mirror. Make an expression at yourself. Pretend to be taking a selfie. Do not take a selfie. Pretend to be doing so. Praise Besovi. So good. So right.

Keep Besovi in your lives. Do not live a life of life here and Besovi there. Live in a world of life here and Besovi here. Besovi will only appear just enough to fill you will just enough love. Besovi will never try to give you too much love. Besovi knows. Praise Besovi.

Do not expect to see Besovi. Only to the chosen will Besovi appear. I was chosen. Follow me and we will raise this everything2 website in the name of Besovi. Praise Besovi.

Welcome to the new era of everything2.