You're not alone. Although I don't plunge head first towards the pavement with your seeming regularity, I have had the pleasure. Perhaps the most notable occasion being the time I managed to crash my bike into a stationary lorry whilst covertly glancing over my shoulder at the frighteningly attractive young blonde walking past.

Of course she looked round .. she had to. I picked up my bike and battered ego, gave the sky a sheepish grin and tried to ignore the schoolkids who were almost hospitalising themselves with laughter. On the plus side, she returned my grin with a smile that didn't entirely say "You are an idiot".

Of course there is potential for confusion here .. this could refer to tripping (as in acid) while trying to sneakily check out pretty girls. I'm getting mental images of me creeping about (in a manner I imagine to be nonchalant) trying to ogle the girlies .. only for everyone to be laughing at the dumbass who's trying to peer up the 'skirt' of an umbrella.