• One Pringles tube (any flavour)
  • Water (or alcoholic beverage)
  • Two biro pens
  • Some joints


It's important that the biro pens are the kind that you can easily remove the ink rod from .. it won't work otherwise. It's also important to save the lid of the tube after the contents have been consumed.

Provided that Pringles tubes are the same the world over (no reason they shouldn't be) they are all watertight. The beauty of this design is that it can be easily made in less than 5 minutes, requires no sealants such as blu-tack or sellotape, and all the components are cheap and easy to find. Given the simplicity of construction, you should be able build one even when your hand-eye coordination is impaired.

Remove the ink rods and tips from the biro pens, you should have two hollow plastic tubes. Stab one into either side of the Pringles tube, one high up, the other low down. Provided you don't 'wiggle' them about too much, the tension against the cardboard of the tube should provide a perfect seal, and no leakage will occur.

The lower biro should be angled upward, or else you will have to be careful and hold the bong with it pointing upwards whilst smoking. Make sure you when you roll your joints not to make them into 'needles'. The joints will be stuck into the end of the lower biro, if they stick in too far, you'll either burn plastic and inhale fumes, or waste the end portion of the joint.

Once filled with water, be careful not to let the joint fall below water level, or else the water will flow up the biro and soak the joint. This precaution should be observed with all disposable bongs of this general design.

Replace the lid of the Pringles tube, and light the joint. Sucking on the upper biro will draw smoke through the water (or alcoholic beverage) and into the upper half of the tube. Suction from you will pull the lid down, creating the necessary seal.

Whilst this bong will probably only be good for a few joints, the biro's can be reused over and over, and tubes of Pringles are cheap. They have the added benefit of containing tasty snacks as well.