Dixons is a UK chain of consumer electronics retailers. They stock a wide variety of products, such as TVs, PCs, Stereo Systems, Games consoles etc.

Dixons Group PLC incorporates Dixons, The Link, @jakarta, ElkJøp, Freeserve, PC World and Currys.

Which means they've got a consumer electronics retailer, a household goods and electronics retailer, a mobile computing/phones/electronics retailer, a major UK ISP, a leading PC hardware and software vendor, and something called @jakarta.

This would not seem to be a good situation.

Whilst Dixons are popular with mass market consumers, most people who know anything about what they want to buy rapidly realise that the average Dixons employee knows a grand sum of shit.

Their training seems to highlight the need to conform to every stereotype of clueless sales reps. Needless to say, like many big company retailers, they are the laughing stock of those in the know. But, they're making shitloads of money (presumably) so I guess they've got the last laugh..

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