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chigaze: Allegedly 'Earthwind' in Japanese. Earthwind was the second nick I used in the late eighties on dial-up BBS systems. I can't remember the first nick I used but I annoyed a bunch of people in pure ignorance and changed my name in an effort to start over. Earthwind was chosen because it was a Robert Holdstock novel I was reading at the time. I looked around the room for name and there it was.

I went by the nick in alt.callahans and #callahans while I was at university in Montreal taking Political Science. Over time I became tired of all the Earth, Wind, and Fire jokes and started using chigaze because it sounded cool and was unique. I've never seen it used by anyone else so if you see chigaze on the Net it is most likely me.

I have now moved back to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, got married, and just bought a house. Life is apparently good.

Currently I am doing whatever people will pay me to do and packing my life into boxes. Right now people are paying me to maintain a Filemaker database I built for media monitoring (nobody seems to know what this is when I mention it so I will have to create a node for it), and building a new less crappy site for Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. This involves acquiring web building skills I don't have but I work for cheap and love to learn this way.

Finally in this rambling I should note that in 1994 I retired my 286 for a new Macintosh 6100 and have been using Macs ever since. My life has further been a joy since March when I installed Mac OS X on my Powerbook and gained the best of both worlds.

October 2002, Addendum: In January 2002 I got a contract at the United Nurses of Alberta, a union representing registered nurses in Alberta. In April that contract became a paid position which is great as my wife had come down pregnant. This turned out to be even greater when my turned out to be bearing twins.