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military assassin, android hackin', mucho fappin.
College of Southern Nevada
"I'm not here for a long time. Just a good time."
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I am a college student working on my Associates Degree in Computers and Information Technology. I haven't been to school since I graduated in 1991. My gpa is 4.oooh, I didn't think I could do it. I accomplished that with a high tolerance to bull shit, and meth. I'm a former Marine thats been in the shit, out of the shit, and the shit. I saw some action in Somalia in 1993 during Operation Restore Hope. F*#k, there wasn't hope for them then, like there is any more hope for them now. I happen to make a trip to Bosnia in 1995. That was a f*#king NIGHTMARE. Slobodon Milosevic was responsible for genocide in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo.