Another day when I eat my microwaved lunch alone at my desk, how many more? How much longer can I put up with this indecision. Will I quit? Will I stay complacent just to get another paycheck to stop the flow of backed-up bills?

I live alone now. No one to wake up to in the middle of the night when the dogs won't stop barking and the doors creak open and shut with the wind...or is it the wind? No one to hold me when the rain comes blissfully down, renewing everything. Nope, just me, and I get to work on time these days, you aren't there to pull me back into bed and waste away my "sick" days. Just me, and if I take a day off, it is because I am sick...sick of trying to fill the vacancy without you here. I'm sick of buying things to make the place look just a little bit more like me, me without you.

Really, I'm fine. Truly, I enjoy late nights when friends stay way past dawn, but none of them stay the whole night...not that I'd want them to, they can't be that for me. So, tonight, when things get lonely, I'll just find something else to occupy my mind...something that doesn't involve anything we used to do.

Thanks for leaving, see how independent you've made me?