Speed Graphic is also the title of the first in a series of three five track EPs, which are in the process of being released by Ben Folds. The second is named Sunny 16, and the third, (which has had its release delayed) is called Super D.

Speed Graphic was released in 2003 in a somewhat unorthodox way. It was not to be sold in any major record stores, and would only be available on vinyl from independant record stores, or on CD from www.attackedbyplastic.com. Aditionally it was released for download at the iTunes music store. Folds chose this method of releasing the EPs to avoid large scale publicity, and just get the songs out there.

The EP itself features John Painter of Flemming and John on bass, who also produced and mixed the EP with Folds. It contains the following tracks:

1. In Between Days - a cover of the song by The Cure.
2. Give Judy My Notice - a new song written by Folds for the EP.
3. Protection - an old song, written by Ben Folds and Anna Goodman, but never relased.
4. Dog - another old song, written by Ben Folds and Evan Olson, also never released.
5. Wandering - written by Ben Folds and former bandmate Darren Jessee.