Tonight was rather cold, as I had not decided to turn on the heater until it was late. Fell asleep shortly after watching the Late Show.

Cue wavy dream sequence.

It all started with me walking home. Strange how my house had moved between a 1600's whore house and a brewery. The brewery was an old style one, filled with old style drunks.

Halfway to home, I saw Thomas on the other side of the road. He was waving his sexy ass my way. So, staring but trying desperately not to appear as if I was, I followed. Keeping my eyes on him I had not noticed the lights for the pedestrian crossing turn green, so when I did see it was green, I ran.

As soon as I tried to cross the street the light turn red. Engines revved. I turned towards them. Cars were almost on top of me. As always happens in these kind of situations in dreams, I started to move in slow motion. The kind of slow motion you only get when moving through jell-o (tm).

My speed was insufficient. I fell into the foetal position and was crushed by the cars.

I woke up yawning.

Is this some metaphor for my life? Am I caught up in a struggle between the choice of whores or alcohol? Why can't I ever have both? Why did I give jell-o a trademark?