Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped
(Geffen; 2006)

A Jim O' Rourke-less Sonic Youth make their most mature album yet, the strangely named Rather Ripped; their 20th. A collection of songs that are raw Sonic poppiness distilled; this record sees them celebrating the rock and roll songform while singing about sweet liberation and perfect sin. Lush guitar melodies and sing along choruses make this album one of their most accessible; and fun; yet, while Do You Believe In Rapture? and Or showcase a throbbing minimalist Sonic Youth who expound abstractedly over the barest of instrumentation. A record that is best enjoyed as a trilogy of classic rock-inspired albums; together with Murray Street and Sonic Nurse; though Rather Ripped is by far the most stripped down and ethereal of the three. A hilarious and offbeat companion lyric book can be found online (and only online) at the Sonic Youth webpage, pieced together by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. This is also their last obligatory album for Geffen Records according to their contract.


Here is the tracklisting:

  1. Reena
  2. Incinerate
  3. Do You Believe In Rapture?
  4. Sleepin Around
  5. What A Waste
  6. Jams Run Free
  7. Rats
  8. Turquoise Boy
  9. Lights Out
  10. The Neutral
  11. Pink Steam
  12. Or

  13. European CD Bonus tracks:
  14. Helen Lundeberg

  15. UK CD Bonus tracks:
  16. Eyeliner

The track 'Helen Lundeberg' can also currently be found for downloading exclusively at the Apple iTunes Music Store.

There is also a vinyl release by the band's own Goofin' Records.

The artwork for the both the CD and vinyl versions of the album are done by Christopher Wool.

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