Lounge Act, written by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, is one of the best songs on 'Nevermind', in my humble opinion. Incidentally, it's also the song played over the ending credits of Live! Tonight! Sold Out!, the only official video release by Nirvana. It's gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics and the heartfelt emotions rendered in the song elevate it beyond the typical 3-chord pop-punk song, found anywhere 'good' records are sold;(good as in looking palatable enough for young pre-pubescent nubiles to hang on their walls and drool over.).Even though the song is made up of just that.
3 chords.

It's a song about relationships and the nuances and subtleties involved in one. Where the idealism prevalent in the song, expressed in lyrics such as, "I'll go out of my way to prove I can still smell her on you" and exhortations to "make a pact and learn from whoever we want" is underpinned by a slinky, steamy bass groove; it opens the song; and a chiming 3-chord guitar; which by the final verse has erupted into an electric chorus of pure shimmering pop melody juice.

It's a beautiful song and it deserves mention even to just showcase Nirvana's extraordinary talent at making beautiful songs that simultaneously purifies(with its scintillating, electric melodies) and defiles(with abrasive, unbridled noise).