Astonishingly inventive and stripped-down movie, directed by Louie Malle. Playwright Andre Gregory and actor Wallace Shawn apparently play themselves. There are essentially three scenes in the movie, and the first two pass during the opening credits: Wally on the subway, and Wally walking from the subway station to the restaurant. There in the restaurant, he meets his long-lost pal Andre and they have a conversation over dinner.

That's it... that's the entire movie, two guys sitting down having dinner. And it's enough. By the end of the film I felt thoroughly charmed by Andre, like I'd just recountered an old friend of my own, and I felt a thirst for travel and the experience of exotic cultures like never before.

(I had no desire to be buried alive, though...)

Will appeal to those who like "talkies" such as Six Degrees of Separation, Mindwalk or even Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.