12 August 2000 (10AM previous day-10AM today) ADST

Ahh! There is nothing quite as nice as sitting on a couch with a laptop in Sydney.

Mum wants to go somewhere, but I'm happy just sitting here, learning Everything. I have written 2 writeups, my first ever at Cybertown and If Operating Systems were.... My XPs have been disapearing and reapearing, probably this 'death borg' that everyone keeps talking about.

[Mum thinks we should walk over to Paddington and have a hot chocolate. I'm not too opposed to this idea, so I think I'll give it a go.

You see, normaly I live in the Snowy Mountains but it is the school holidays and I am staying up in Sydney with my Mum, sister and Aunt. My Aunt happens to be the Coolest Person in the World and she has one of the coolest laptops.