Daylog. Yes... more like a semesterlog. Sorry, guys.

I haven't noded in ages.

Well, that's a lie. A week ago, I wrote 2 nodes. They got killed swiftly.

We are doing a gynmnastic assessment tomorrow. They are clearly filed under the definition cruel and unusual. Fortuantly, I found a few loopholes and am probably not going to die tomorrow.

Well, it is now tomorrow. Because of the ineptness of the PE staff, we get to miss out on several classes for gymnastics. Which is a good idea, as I have to do a presentation on what an orthocentre is, which I have not prepared for. I have to do 10 different skills on the floor. I have found 7 dead easy ones. That means I will get -3 points, but who cares? PE isn't really a subject in my opinion.

More things the next 'day' (due to the craposity of the dy log system which doesn't account for other countries). The next day will in fact will still be today.