House. The place in which you live. Open the door and.

Any domicile is a house, whether a full building, apartment, rented room. My dorm room was my house when I lived there. "Let's go to my house." I think this is accurate. Your house is your home. You live in this your house passing room to room or space to space as it may be, your house where you live with your family (and whoever lives there, although they aren't always, should be your family).

The house has in it several areas. Mostly you have the bedroom, the living, the kitchen, the bathroom, and not enough storage space no matter where you live. You live in different parts of the house at different times.

Kitchen. The kitchen is for living in when you are cooking, eating with people, when you are taking action, when you are up in arms scrubbing madly at the counter, when food equals sex and you know this is true. Kitchens open their arms to you from rooms away, radiating light and warmth and various interesting scents: roast beef, pie, sour milk, disinfectant. The bleach is under the sink and the fork is in your hand. Everyone lives equal and hungry in the kitchen.

Living room. These have different names and uses depending who and how you are. A couch and end table, a television, a bookshelf. You often operate in the living room as host or hostess. People come over and this is where they sit, formal, while you get them drinks. This is where they may stay if you do not know them so well, depending on you and whatever potential relationship. Living room does not have the personal items the bedroom has, does not have quite the utility the kitchen has. It is an interim; it is a difficult room to place. You live in your living room, per se. I do not live in mine.

Bedroom. Where you close the door and there you are. Your things on the wall and the floor and the bed, sheets tangled from nightmare or pristine and crisp. The window hovers over you. Here are your things. You. You close the door on everything in your room. Your room not just your bedroom this room is yours to do with as you wish. You reflect into and from it. Most people will not be in your room. It is your room. Only a very few.

Bathroom. Steam and mirrors and bathwater gathering soap and skin flakes. Toothpaste spray. Too many products everywhere. The bathroom is an odd refuge. In a crowded house it may be the only place you can shut the door to the outside. You sit in the bath hearing music from the room next door. You wash. You scrub away.

You live in your house like you ideally live nowhere else. Here you reside; you settle. It is where you belong, where you feel most like yourself. The house shelters and covers you; it sustains you in various ways. It gives you food, friends, sleep. It cleans you. It lets you escape. It surrounds you and lets you feel safe.