The first day, I drove a lot.

20 June, Thursday
No moose; ducks

In the morning, a man in the checkout line with me asked me if it were always this hot around here. What? Well, he was from Nova Scotia and it was so hot (this was 8:30a, and it was still a little nippy out, in my opinion), was it always this hot? I didn't know, I was from Michigan, and it was certainly hotter than this there. Oh, I was, was I?

I had just been mistaken for Quebecois. Dude! That made things look a bit better.

So I drove and drove through the ever-increasing moose warning signs. No moose, however, rose to the occasion. No anything rose to the occasion, really, since this was New Brunswick and quite a boring (although scenic) drive. I might mention that my table at lunch was covered in maps and paraphrenalia from an environmental study group called Ducks Unlimited, however. DUCKS! Quebecois ducks as well! In French that I currently can't remember!

I came over to the island by the bridge as opposed to the ferry, since the ferry starts way over there ---> in Nova Scotia. I do Not like bridges, let alone gigantic record-breaking bridges with only two lanes total. Fortunately, there are good serious concrete walls to block your line of sight. So that was ok although it took forEVER to get across.

I got to Charlottetown around eight, dragged all my crap into my dorm room, and proceeded to go to sleep. After, you know, staying up reading and writing letters and messing around, like you do. I was really excessively happy with my dorm room, actually. I got a nice little corner single with lots of natural light from two new windows, such that I could circulate all the air I damn well pleased. It was cool and calm and very nice. I like the whole bare dorm room aesthetic. I like it a lot.

The next day, I met lots of people.