Called in sick, drove to Cleveland, drank lots of coffee on the way, went to my fabulous alma mater John Carroll University, discovered their massive construction site and pavement over the quad, discovered all the offices were not just remodeled but moved around, finally found the registrar and got to talk to someone about this whole transcript fucking business. Business is: they put on my undergraduate transcript a class which I took 1. not as part of my degree work, not on my graduation application, nothing and 2. AFTER I graduated and for that matter 3. which I registered for in the graduate school so it sure as fuck should not be on any undergraduate business.

The woman I talked to there was very nice and very nice and took my up to see the appropriate dean, to whom I had previously, last Tuesday mind you, faxed a formal letter stating my problem and that I had been trying to get in contact with her since before break and no one was calling me back and this was a matter of some urgency and god damnit, at least pretend to make an effort. And she still had not called me back and no one appeared to be taking any interest in the problem and I left a message before break! Before break! Gah! So I drove to Cleveland to take the hell care of it and not leave until it was done.

Well, I had to leave before it was done. Lots of crap and crap and lots of crap later I was told to come back at three (from twelve) since she had to get to my old prof and he is currently the interim president of something or other, and very busy. Great! So I went to the language resource lab (which was fortunately entirely the same as it had ever been, i.e. completely public plus free printing although there is no telnet but thats ok there are other things) and stayed there until three making as much constructive use of my time as possible. Mostly I was trying not to run into anyone I knew, because awkward conversations were not something I could deal with at that point.

When I went back at three she had not yet been able to contact him. Lots more crap later she told me to call her tomorrow after four. Today after four. So. Once they've had time to do something.

Things I dislike:

  1. All they have to do is send only my undergraduate transcript. "We can't." Yes, yes you can.
  2. "You should have called." Fuck you, do you know how much I called? Do you know how much I hate the phone? For that matter, do you know how many times You called me back?
  3. Having to escape from the snow belt which had suddenly become the snow belt for real at right around three; getting stuck in Cleveland rush hour at 4:30.
  4. The people at the post office, the POST OFFICE, being more cheerful and helpful and all-around better than the individual dean I talked to.

I was nice and polite and inexorable and it didn't work.

In conclusion, god Damnit.