I can't even believe this week, and it's only Wednesday.

Monday over lunch hour there was fighting with apartment company and being parked both into and out of the driveway by the same person, who doesn't even live at our house. Within one hour! After I specifically told him I was coming back in an hour! He left all his windows open, and I had a full watering can available with which to drench his dry cleaning in the back seat, but I restrained myself. The plants got good and watered, though.

Later there was grocery shopping and coming home totally exhausted at 10:30 to discover that the shelves over my desk had ripped themselves out of the wall and there was powdered glass Everywhere. That's three shelves completely full of double layered books, plus a shelf of glassware, falling on various lamps and computer and, well, everything in the room. So we did some rudimentary picking up the biggest pieces and stacking up books. Not anything like complete lab-grade decontamination. It made me too tired to even look at it, and I wasn't functioning that well in that first place.

So shower and bed (bed elsewhere, the bed being full of powdered glass just as much as anything else. Have you ever vacuummed your bed?) and the next day I called off work and took a fucking HOUSEWORK day. I can't even believe it yet. I spent all morning with the vacuuum, establishing an honest and trusting relationship. It was great. I ironed shirts for my break. That was great too. Great. Then I tried to go get new shelves. That didn't work too well, as there was either $30 complete crap or $60 almost complete crap available at the places I went, and anyway I got really frustrated and came home and sat on the decontaminated floor for a while. I was in the reconstruction phase by this time. Yeah, I had to move all my furniture out and get under everything. Behind the computer was fun. Inside my shoes was fun. Four loads of laundry was fun. So I had moved furniture back but had to sit and recover before I could bring myself to deal with all the wiring.

I did a good lot of sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. This all came after after several days of running back and forth worrying about medical issues and family. Not My family, but still. Lots of worrying and soothing and phone calls and canceled plans. Lots of stress.

Then John came home from his last day of school and we went out and found shelves and sheets and dealt with things in a more clearheaded manner. Mexican food clears my head, I can say. Enchiladas and a $1.50 margarita and lots of good salsa. Driving clears my head.