I'm getting closer to becoming Level Three. Not that any of that matters or anything, if it did I would be autonoding Revelation Records' complete catalog or something. It's just a nice measure of how long I've been here. Unlike some of the other online communities that I am involved with, everything is something I got in on way late. I was not one of the charter members. November 13, 1999 means nothing to me. No one knows my name and I do not participate in the chatterbox. But it's something that I do for personal improvement.

Another fight, another stupid thing I have to hide from everyone. I should really be smarter about these things. Everyone tells me that I should leave him but if you've ever been in this situation you know that it is not as easy as it sounds. At least he has never hit me...yet...I should just tell him that I like girls too and that would kill two birds with one stone. But I'm not sure what would happen to me (or to him) if I told him I was leaving.

Ryan is going to read this writeup and worry about me. Oh, well, it's not like he hasn't before.

Time to leave for work - the 3 to midnight is a nice shift because everyone is so laid back. I get to dress like myself and act like myself and everything.

If I were to move anywhere, it would be to Denton, Texas. Even though the space rock scene fled, it's still a nice place and rent is cheap. The suburbs are starting to suck the life out of me.