I got up at 7:00 this morning to write these dreams down. There were more, but you know how dreams seem to vanish from memory without warning...
#1: My sister gets arrested
Me, my sister Andrea and my best friend Ryan were looking for a place to eat. We went to one Italian restaurant and were waiting in line, then suddenly Ryan produces this big bag of weed and says, "Hey Andrea, go put this in the truck. Just put it through the window." Andrea was a little weird about it, but she went and did it. While we were waiting in line, we got mad at some of the other people in line and decided to leave. So we went to a Mexican restaurant, and the same thing happened. Ryan had forgotten to leave the weed in the truck and asked my sister to deposit it, please. We waited for a table. She was gone a long time though so I looked out the window and there are 3 police cars and cops trying to arrest her, but she would have none of it. "Shit, she got busted!" I exclaimed and we all ran outside, where Andrea was vehemently trying to keep from getting handcuffs put on. The cops are getting tired of it all and we figured we had best get her to cooperate. So we showed her some pretty, brightly colored handcuffs and she put those on and we took her (instead of the police) to the courthouse where we said that the weed really wasn't hers and Ryan produced a receipt. the judge told us to just go away and no one got in trouble and Ryan got to keep the bag.

Don't you just love dreams with happy endings?

#2. My mom acts weird while shopping.
I was at a Ross-type budget clothing store with my mom, my sister Andrea, and her roommate Jamie. We had put a lot of things in the cart, but my mom didn't have any money and wanted to use my credit card. "I don't think they are going to let you do this," I said but she insisted. So we filled up the cart with clothes and my mom found this shiny blue shirt in a bin marked for clothing donations.
"I am going to buy this," she said.
"But it's not for sale" I protested.
"We are at a clothing store, this is clothing, so I am going to buy this." And she put it on a hanger and into the cart. We went to the checkout where the clerk is telling a handicapped lady she can't use a credit card unless it's hers, but we get in another line. I don't want to see what happens so I walk down another aisle and pretend to be very interested in the sodas. She finished checking out and we left. They wouldn't let her take the shiny blue shirt though and she was mad at how rude the clerk was about it. Andrea and Jamie went to another store in the shopping center and my mom and me got in the maroon Mercury, but it wouldn't start. My mom got really mad and told me that she couldn't trust my dad to fix anything. I reminded her that he died five years ago.

#3. My first observational dream
This was the first time that I was never actually a character in a dream, rather, I was just observing someone else's actions. There were two guys that wanted to jam together, I will call them the house owner and the blue shirt guy to tell them apart. The blue shirt guy wanted some money to buy drugs. His friend gave him some money and the guy went out and bought some weed. They smoked a little and the guy who owned the house wanted to play but the blue shirt guy (a blue shirt kind of like that funky textured one my friend Don wears, that makes you want to look it like a 3-D stereogram or just go up and pet it for awhile) "wasn't ready," so the house owner rolled his eyes and told him to do what he had to in order to get ready. So the blue shirt guy left and then my dream went through a bunch of scenes where he went out and bought acid off a bum in a park, then took a bunch of vicodin, then went back to the house. When the house owner walked into the practice room with a soda, his fucked up friend was trying to snort cocaine off of a fork. The guy that owned the place was pretty pissed and said, "So you want to play now"? The blue shirt guy replied, "Now there is only one song," and tried to knock his friend over with his index finger. The guy that owned the house got very mad and kicked him out, saying "So how much valium did you take?" To which the blue shirt guy replied, "vicodin man, there's a difference. vicodin. it rules, baby," and left the house, started walking down the street. It looked very bleak outside but then the point of view of the dream switched to what HE saw, in which he was walking through a blurry baseball field, where everything was very green, very twisted.

Also in the course of the night's dream activity, but I cannot remember the whole story line, my brother got fired from Eckerd because he had said "SOMEONE SET UP US THE BOMB...ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" and the management took it as a bomb threat. There was also a part of a dream where I was six years old attending a Baptist kindergarten. And one where I could fly but my pants kept falling off if I did.

My subconscious is totally insane. You can't just make this shit up.