My dream about work #65536

I was at work, doing work-related things. Coaching calls and printing out spreadsheets, mostly. I was a little bit annoyed at one of my co-workers but above all, I was interested in getting everything done before it was time to go home.

Because it will be the last time I would ever go in to work.

I walked out of the building and headed over toward a car in the back of the parking lot. I don't remember what car it was. It could be my Dodge, but I think it was something else. I knew that once I got into that car, I would die. The car became my metaphor for death. I knew it was inevitable and irreversible. And I knew that it was something that I had to do.

I began to feel nervous. I started hoping that my conceptions of the afterlife were correct, and hoping that I was not pissing off some god somewhere.

But then I realzed that I had not said goodbye to anyone. I turned around and walked back in the building, swiping my badge on the way in. I got back to our area to tell all my friends goodbye when my boss arrived and gave me more work to do. I sat down and started working, and never went back out to the car of death.

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