No, I am not going to DEUM. This is because I am a dork.

Yes, I have to work tonight. However, I have made plans to meet another noder, dann, who lives near me, later this week! So that will be a good thing because he is extremely cool.

Last night I had never seen such a dark and low sky. It seemed to be closing in on me, so I drove home as fast as I could. Last night was a night full of mistakes and such. I annoy people and I really do not mean to. Sometimes, with the people that I am closest to, I just blurt out things that do not go through the brain filter and end up sounding really dumb. And then trying to fix it only makes it worse. By the way, that is a great nodeshell, anyone want to fill it?

But this is a day log, not a night log. Time to talk about the day.

Our friend Brian came in town from Houston last night, he will be staying the weekend. He came up so that Mike could fix his computer. Mike loves this kind of thing because it makes him feel superior and he can say things like "What did you do that for?" At home, I am not allowed to fix the computer, although that is what I do 8 hours a day, five days a week. I just let him do it, the big computer programmer type person.

But I am not bitter, oh no, I am not...

The rest of the day has been spent reading other nodes on Everything and wanting to write something. I have almost enough XP to reach level three, but I am about 40 writeups away. This is an example of the disparity between the points needed and the writeups required to gain levels. I like it. It means that no matter how many people like my writing I still have to persevere and continue writing. And the more I write the more I improve.

One day there will be a picture on my home node.

Creativity has been lacking recently. I have heard that it is good to node what you know. While showering this morning, I realized that noding what I know is going to be virtually impossible. I don't know much. I know a little about a lot, but not a lot about anything. So I will have to make stuff up and hope that people like the things that come out of my head. I am a creator, not an informer. It's that damn right brain again.

Today, I will strive to be patient.