Pile of tissues next to the keyboard, slaving away on everything at 100 words a minute if I am lucky...

Day Seven of my cold. At least I am not hacking up interesting colored things anymore. The temperature at the Addison airport was 25 degrees the last time I checked. God damn it man, I am supposed to be living in Texas! Why does nature hate me?

This is my second day log ever. I think that these things may be good, even if just for myself. I could care less about XP at the moment, I just like to lose myself in the spirit of creation. I haven't created any art in the last week or so, maybe that is a product of the weakness that occurs when one is sick. The guitar has not been touched. I have not drawn any mediocre emotional interpretation consisting of aliens and stars in awhile either. My noding on everything this week has consisted of a nodeshell rescue and a review of a Ween song. But that is not really a complaint! Just an observation.

It is finals week. I skipped my history exam today because no matter how I do, I would not pass. It brought to mind notions of wanting to quit college and just work for awhile, but I know that if I do quit I may never go back. This semester has been insane what with working full time as well as going to school full time.

There is a puddle under my car the size of Mexico. I wouldn't call it an oil leak, rather, an oil spill. I must have hit an iceberg or something on the way home last night. Just call me Exxon. The car only has to last me one more month and I will have enough saved for a decent down payment on a new automobile. A Honda Prelude. I have always wanted a sports car.

Got a call from an old friend today, he told me that he remembered all the hope and energy that I had four years ago and was concerned that not much excites me anymore. Don't lose that spirit. I sometimes wish I could return to the place I was back then, innocent, unblemished. I had nothing to worry about. I am sorry for destroying anyone's assumption of what I was. But then again, all the shit that I've been through has brought me to where I am now so it has to count for something - I still exist!

Must work until midnight tonight. I am beginning to think this technical support managerial job is not for me. But I can node at work with no one asking questions so maybe I do not know a good thing when I see one.