Men Behaving Badly (known as It's A Man's World overseas) is also the name of a short-lived NBC sitcom based on the UK version. It aired from September 1996 to December 1997, and starred SNL's Rob Schneider as photographer Jamie Coleman, Ron Eldard as Jamie's roommate Kevin Murphy, and Justine Bateman as Kevin's girlfriend Sarah Stetton. Jamie spends most of his energy trying to impress women, while Kevin deals with the problems that arise in a relationship. The Kevin and Sarah characters were written out of the show about halfway through its run (they went to Chicago to get married) - I have to guess that Ron Eldard was off to do a little movie called Deep Impact. They were replaced with Steve(Ken Marino) and Katie (Jenica Bergere), but the damage had been done, leading to Men Behaving Badly being cancelled in the middle of its second season.