The Violentest Place on Earth

An amusement park featured in The Simpsons Season 6 episode "Itchy and Scratchy Land." It's themed, of course, after loveable old Itchy and Scratchy, and bears more than a few similarities to the Disney theme parks (as well as Jurassic Park, but who's counting?).

It's a wonder that they didn't get sued by Disney for this one. Nothing at the Disney parks is sacred - Itchy and Scratchy Land features:

  • Gigantic parking lots named after characters (the Itchy Lot, and the Scratchy Lot);
  • Useless theme park money (a la Disney Dollars);
  • A ridiculously complicated means of getting from the front gate to the park (in this case, a helicopter);
  • Themed "lands" within the park, including Torture Land, Explosion Land, Searing Gas Pain Land, and Unnecessary Surgery Land;
  • Robot parades approximately every five minutes;
  • Itchy and Scratchy characters walking around the park;
  • Rides sponsored by giant corporations, like Itchy's Mine Field (presented by Laramie Cigarettes);
  • Panoramic movies, like The Roger Meyers Story (which includes some clips from Scratchtasia and Pin-Itchy-o).
  • Cementing its reputation as The Violentest Place on Earth, Itchy and Scratchy Land features rides like Tavern on the Scream, the Log Ride, the afore-mentioned Itchy's Mine Field (presented by Laramie Cigarettes), and the Nauseator. Parents can rest up at Parent's Island, featuring Itchy's 70's Disco (Est. 1980) and T. G. I. McScratchy's Goodtime Foodrinkery, "where it's constantly New Year's Eve!"

    Somewhere in France, there's even a Euro Itchy and Scratchy Land.