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Ah, the 80s were a fluffy, happy time. Take for example, The Care Bears...

Care [bear|Bears] first appeared in a line of American Greetings [greeting card|greeting cards] created in 1981. Their popularity soon outgrew the limited exposure provided by greeting cards, propelling the Bears into the world of [toy|toys], books, television, and cinema (The Care Bears Movie, The Care Bears Movie II: [TNG|A New Generation], and The Care Bears Adventures in [Wonderland]). They also [spawn|spawned] the Care Bear Cousins, a group of non-[ursine] animals who also encouraged people to [care].

The Care Bears are a group of very colorful Bears whose mission is to help people care. Each bear specializes in a different area of caring, and their names match their prevailing [personality] (conveniently, there are also [symbol|symbols] on their tummies so you don't mix them up). They live in Care-A-Lot, a magical place in the sky filled with [rainbow|rainbows] and [cloud|clouds] (cared for by The Cloudkeeper). They travel down to [Earth] via the Cloudmobile. When they meet up with a bad guy, the Care Bears join together and implement the [Care Bear Stare], which gives the [bad guy|baddie]* [warm fuzzy feeling]s.

*Keep in mind, Care Bears villains tend to be crazies who want to steal feelings or something like that.

The Bears (with their colors and symbols):

  • [Bedtime] Bear - Blue, with a [moon] and [star]
  • [Birthday] Bear - Orange, with a [cupcake]
  • [Champ] Bear - Orange, with a [trophy]
  • [Cheer] Bear - Pink, with a [rainbow]
  • [Day Dream] Bear - Orange, with heart [balloon|balloons]
  • [Forest] Friend Bear - Tan, with a [bear] and [rabbit]
  • [Friend] Bear - Orange, with [flower|flowers]
  • Funshine Bear - Yellow, with a [sun]
  • [Good Luck] Bear - Green, with a [four leaf clover]
  • [Grandmother|Grams] Bear - Gray, with a [rose]
  • [Grumpy] Bear - Blue, with a [cloud]
  • [Harmony] Bear - Purple, with [hearts]
  • [Love]-A-Lot Bear - Pink, with hearts
  • [Secret] Bear - Orange, with a [lock]
  • [Share] Bear - Purple, with a [fountain soda]
  • [Surprise] Bear - Blue, with a [box]
  • [Take Care] Bear - Orange, with an [apple]
  • [Tender]heart Bear - Brown, with a [heart]
  • [True] Heart Bear - Multicolored, with a [star]
  • [Wish] Bear - Turquoise, with a [shooting star]
  • The Care Bears are, frighteningly enough, still around. They're enjoying a more relaxed work schedule than they had in the 80s, perhaps an after-effect of the Care Bears / [Strawberry Shortcake] / [Smurf] wars.

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