After frequently playing the game on the 51xx, 61xx, 3210 and 8210 the 3210 became the phone of my choice. The keypad on that model is optimal for Snake, as keys require very little effort to press, and, although not as easy to hold as the 51xx and 61xx series, a higher score could be easier obtained on that phone.

The 3210 is very small, and as the manual says 'Do Not Shake or Bend the Phone' it's not very solid. The keys on that are responsive, but the small physical size attributes to some discomfort.

The only thing that the 51xx series and the 61xx series lack are a responsive keypad. This could probably be fixed by getting a custom keypad attached to the phone.

Keep in mind that this review was based on the fact that I only play on level 9, and as the speed decreases, other phone models may become more comfortable. The phones compared were all stock-standard Nokia phones with factory covers and keypads.