'Fetch me a spoon' method can also be accomplished using only but a knife, or any other sharp device such as a key, and this '1-2-3 Success' method. Here's what you do:

1) Partition the kiwi fruit into two identical pieces, using any method you choose, along the long side like such:
   | KIWI |  <--- cut here
2) Hint: An attempt to turn the fruit inside out will cause the insides to separate from the crude hairy skin. Do that to both halves of the fruit.

3) The insides of a kiwi fruit are yum. By now they should be lifted from the hairy skin, the only force still holding them together being a weak intra-molecular bond. Your teeth are stronger than that, use them to your advantage.

You're done. If you are stranded on a desert island, or being cast in Survivor 3 and do not have access to a knife, you may use your teeth and nails for added bonus points.