Salud! Dinero! Amor! is an interesting cultural idiosyncracy of Cuba*, and is not found in any other Spanish-speaking country.

Many people when they sneeze, sneeze more than once; rapidly, in succession.

So now that the stage is set, this would be a prospective interaction:

Person A: ::ah-choo!::
Person B: Salud!
Person A: ::ah-choo!::
Person B: Dinero!
Person A: ::ah-choo!::
Person B: Amor!
Person A: ::ah-choo!::
Person B: Resfriado!

So here's how it goes: The equivalent to 'bless you' in Spanish is 'salud' (which also means 'health'); 'dinero' means 'money'; 'amor' translates to 'love' (in the romantic sense); and 'resfriado' basically means 'rest up!' because you're sick.

*According to qousqous, this is also found in Guatemala, and according to Joyquality, this is also found in Nicaragua.... Screw it, I guess it's not a cultural idiosycracy.... ::sigh::

Source: Information I gathered from Spanish class with Senora Logue. During college, she spent a year travelling to various Spanish-speaking countries and encountered this only in Cuba.