Current host of The Late Late Show, previously the host on Daily Show on Comedy Central, where his musing in Esquire really pissed off Lizz Winstead (head writer). Cut his teeth on Sportscenter, where he originated many of the most-famous catchphrases:
" Messed around and got a triple-double"
"It's the cold and Pooh season"
"Release. Rotation. Splash."
"Once. Twice. Three times a goalie."
"Rauf, Rauf, Rauf is on fire!"
"The fundamentally sound Chuck Knoblauch..."
"The red blood cell count is up, OH HEMOGLOBIN!"
"The kids like to call this 'El Centro'"
"The lost art, the bounce pass"
"Do a little dance, make a little glove"

and most famously,