Susanowo is the Japanese god of the winds, ocean, storms, and snakes. His sister is the goddess Amaterasu. He is the personification of evil, but besides this he is considered brave, if a bit lawless. His outrages are manifested in the tempestuous nature of the seas and the ravagings of many storms.

These "little tantrums" proved to be his downfall when he angers the Kami, causing him to loose all of his possessions and is banished. Dispite this he still wanders the Earth and does things such as slaying the snake Yamata no Orochi; after defeating this snake he obtained a powerful sword called Kusanagi no Tsurugi. He also conquered Korea and wiped out the plague at that time, but that's a different story. His son Okuni-Nushi eventually tricked him out of the sword.