Deep Space 1 (DS1) is a project launched by NASA on October 24, 1998 with a mission to test 12 new technologies in space. Namely,
  1. An ion propulsion system
  2. Solar concentrator arrays (which power the ion engine]
  3. An autonomous navigation system, which uses the positions of stars and meteors to reorient the spacecraft.
  4. A miniature integrated camera and imaging spectrometer
  5. An ion and electron spectrometer
  6. A small deep space transponder (built by Motorola).
  7. A KA-band solid state amplifier.
  8. Beacon monitor operations, which works as a self-monitoring health meter.
  9. An autonomous remote agent (An onboard psuedo-AI maintanence system).
  10. Ultra-low power electronics.
  11. A power actuation and switching module.
  12. And multifunctional structures, which involves placing electronics right in a structural panel

It is connected to its NASA mission control center by a 20K/s wireless connection.