Information here is my own knowledge, and also gained from Tom Holt's books, and the website If there is any factual errors that you know of then /msg me :)

Tom Holt was born in September 1961 in London. He attended school in London, and then went to university in Oxford to study Law, where he, apparently, passed with flying colours "despite staying in the bar, playing pool and doing no work".



Poems by Tom Holt, published 1973.


Lucia in Wartime, published 1985.

Lucia Triumphant, published 1986.


I, Margaret, published 1989.


Goatsong, published 1989.

The Walled Orchard, published 1990.

Alexander at the World's End, published 1999.

Olympiad, published 2000.

Humourous, also known as Comic Fantasy - those which he is most well known for.

Expecting Someone Taller, published 1987.

Who's Afraid of Beowulf, published 1988.

Flying Dutch, published 1991.

Ye Gods!, published 1992.

Overtime, published 1993.

Here Comes The Sun, published 1993.

Grailblazers, published 1994.

Faust Among Equals, published 1994.

Odds & Gods, published 1995.

Djinn Rummy, published 1995.

My Hero, published 1996.

Paint Your Dragon, published 1996.

Open Sesame, published 1997.

Wish You Were Here, published 1998.

Only Human, published 1999.

Snow White and The Seven Samurai, published 1999.

Valhalla, published 2000.

He has also published an omnibus of his work, as well as being featured in several collections of comic fantasy. More details will be added to this as I get more information :)