February 13 2001

I hate bad days... I started off today full of good intentions. I was going to go to uni early and do some study in the library and the computer lab. Then I was going to meet Kate and Mark for lunch. Then I had a hospital appointment at 3pm for a scan.

At least, that was what was supposed to happen...

In reality: I overslept, and didn't wake up until about 10.30. I then got ready to leave and was literally about to walk out the front door when I had a nosebleed and had to change. Not good. So no getting in early or meeting people for lunch. Then I find that my hospital appointment was cancelled because the doctor was sick or something. So that didn't happen either, and has been rebooked for 3 weeks time. Plus the one lecture I had was boring and I cannot stand the lecturer as he is a complete patronising git.

Oh, and to cap it all off, I am sick to death of most of the people in the student society that I am running. It seems like there are the "nice domesticated geeky normal types" at one side, and the queeny clubkid posse on the other, and it's just not working. There are too many people who want to be in charge and it seems to be wearing me down. I think I'm going to resign and stick to doing things with the people I like and get on with. Should make me feel better and less stressed...

Sorry for whinging but I just needed a rant :-)

February 14 2001

After writing this last night, it disappeared. I think it was nuked for whatever reason, I guess I should have created it as a day-log to begin with. I got it back, and it seems to have survived its trip to node heaven :-)

Just FYI, had a better day today, but still want to resign from the society... Enough complaining already :-)