Just an average day for me...get up, go to work, listen to people whine for 8 hours, go home, then resume my life.

My mom e-mailed me, informing that a 1999 Ford Taurus that I was hoping to buy is about to be sold. However, she did tell me later in the day that there is another Taurus at another dealership and I put it into my plans to stop in and take a look at it.

I also stopped by my mechanic's garage and paid what I owed him for car repairs to what I'm driving right now. While there, another guy who thought he knew me told me that he had a computer that he obtained from a business. The computer was in a box and he didn't know what to do with it. I told him that I can take a look at it and find out if there's anything that can be used or what needs to be added to make it work properly. I have a feeling that the computer is worthless unless this guy pours his life savings into buying hardware. If that's the case, I would just tell him to go spend $600 on an e-machine so he would have something that is cheap and (somewhat) reliable.

My girlfriend also tried to contact me via ICQ, but I was offline at the time she was on. Didn't catch the exact time that she was online, but I wasn't expecting to hear from her before Monday. I replied back with what has been going on in my life and hope to hear from her on Monday.