One of my better days today. First of all, NO SNOW to make driving feel like hell. Even better was that my mind was racing full of ideas to increase the volume of business that I can generate. For starters, one of my high school classmates was talking about how good her branch office of the company she worked for. She said that the result was a nice cash bonus. I got to thinking on my drive home that I could save the company money on cash bonuses and be able to offer something that would have greater value.

Being that I work in wireless, I decided to stop by the Cingular shop next door and try to find out if Cingular operates a TAP/IXO terminal somewhere and get the access number to it if possible. I tried to pass myself off as a technician that recieves a lot of calls from Cingular customers regarding the issue. Best that they could do is refer me to their 800 number and find out from someone there.

I believe that's all the major stuff to report on for today, so until next time, Node for the Ages.